The Little World of

Age:0-6 years
For the first time, this is a story where children can see themselves within their very own family, with mom and dad in everyday life. It depicts a charming story of a typical day out to the park: playing in the sandpit, a trip on the carousel, enjoying an ice-cream.
Book description : 26 pages, size:  20 cm X 20 cm, with thick high quality paper, using professional digital printing and a durable laminated cover.
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By telling a familiar story of your child’s typical day with the family, this charming personalised story book teaches baby that she is unique and important. The findings of new trials are revealing that babies never play. Just like mum and dad, they have far more important things to do with their time. Life is a serious business after all. Babies are powerhouses of learning capacity, and everything they do is tightly knitted around education. Listening to mum and dad read a book is a careful language study. Dr Spelke, a specialist in baby's inner world, has been conducting tests focused on books because, she believes, they're the spur for all the knowledge a baby needs for being a smarter, richer, happier grown up. Dr Spelke believes that language is the core around which relationship skill, maths and every other subject spins. It's important that parents spend plenty of time interacting with their babies over books. Creating a snug, personal reading space encourages their learning all the more. Reading a personalised book for baby that spins a tale of himself, mum and dad draws and engages his focus more effectively than Dr Seuss' talents. Dr Spelke has discovered that, while some grownups are sexist or racist, babies are parentist. They're more interested and involved with those similar to mum and dad. Engaging with parents inside a personalised book for baby and being read to by those self-same people is an off-the-charts experience in tot land.