My first moments
with sibling

A gift for the whole family. It's the first personalised storybook of baby's arrival in the family, featuring photos of Mom, Dad, and even brother or sister. Share baby’s excitement when discovering his/her environment for  the very first time. This is a story of warmth and love, specially created for the new baby that is being welcomed into the world.
Book description : 24 pages, size: 20 cm x 20 cm, with thick high quality paper, using professional digital printing and a durable laminated cover.
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Let's keep in touch

By giving baby a personalised story book with a face she recognises, (her sibling’s,) she learns to connect with stories while learning more about the world around her. Interacting with people gives babies more joy than any sparkling Thomas the Tank Engine could hope to bring. When reading a personalised book for baby, holding and touching your little one actually makes the information he's taking in travel more efficiently through the brain. Parents carry a heavy load of responsibility on their shoulders. It's up to them to fuel their baby's most important learning years. It's this that crafts and moulds the astrophysicists, doctors and writers of tomorrow. When baby smiles, though, it's all worthwhile. Unique Editions has created a huge footprint in the global book market. Our range is capturing the attention of children in the UK, Germany and Spain but at heart, our main goal will always be to help children to find a love for the written word through personalised books.