Amazing Family
with sibling

Age: 3-10 years. Your child dreams of being a super-hero who can fly as fast as lightning? Imagine if Dad had superpower strength and could carry a car on his back. And Mom had X-ray vision and could see through solid walls. In this action packed personalised story filled with humour, the entire family lives a truly extra-ordinary adventure.
Book description : 30 pages personalised story book, size: 20 cm x 20 cm, thick high quality paper, professional digital printing, and a durable laminated cover.
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By bringing magic and personalisation to reading, this storybook takes children deep into the story, making their learning process easier as they track the letters on the page. Some children are naturally drawn to reading but many others need encouragement. We must show them that reading is interesting and exciting but it must be done in a playful way, otherwise the child may shun reading before even trying it. It is difficult for parents to find ways of introducing excitement to literature and we know this from personal experience. That is why we came up with the idea of ​​creating personalised children's books that make children the stars of their own stories. By giving older children the same thrilling adventures they encounter through computer games, television shows and comic books, we help them to uncover the magic that is only matched by other fiction. Personalised books weave a magical thread between reading and the child—one that our stories nurture throughout childhood. We also know that it is the imagination that makes childhood so mystical, so we love it when our writers splash plenty of fantasy into the writing they do for our personalised children’s books, as they have with Amazing Family.