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To the Unique Editions team. A big thank you for bringing such delight to my little girl. She was absolutely delighted when she saw her gift, and of course, so was dad !

Mrs DENNIS, Dubai - Saudi Arabia

My granddaughter is completely addicted to her new book. And now her older sister also wants her own copy. I thought she was too old for it, but she insists ! Thanks again for all your effort to help with the photo.!

Mrs. E Pretorius, Cape Town - South Africa

Your books amazed everyone. And thank you for your assistance with the photos , the result is magnificent. My little niece insists on reading her story every night. Please keep me informed of all your releases. I will not hesitate to recommend them to my friends.

Mrs T. Muller, - Taiwan

What an excellent idea ! My kids simply love your books. Thank you for the great service.

Mrs Geraldine Margail, Tianjin - China

The following reviews have been translated from French :

The Post did a good job because I have received it yesterday! Frankly it's too cute. I will definitely recommend your books because you really deserve it.

Mrs BODERAU, Livry Gargan - France

Hello !  Now I feel obliged to write as a child to let you know that your book is TOOOOOO good ! Excellent idea, and the production of the book has been a good surprise. I’ll recommend your book to everyone around me. I think my 5 year old nephew will adore it ! Thank you very much for your help, for following up on my order, and for this original concept!

Mrs Riveron, Paris - France

Thank you very much, the book is magnificent !

Mrs Thromas, La Rochelle - France

Very nice !! I think my goddaughter is going to be delighted !

Mr. Mann, Toulouse - France

Just to congratulate you. I have just received my order and I am delighted. Good-luck to you.

Mrs Lhomet, Joué-les-tours - France

I have received the two books I have ordered. They have arrived in excellent condition and with exceptional timing. I would sincerely like to thank you because I absolutely needed them before the 4th of August and you have done more than fulfilling your commitments. You are very kind and very professional. As I work in advertising, I will certainly help you in this regard. Thank you for everything.

Mlle Grandet, Luc - France

The books are wonderful, I am even going to order a copy of it with his great- grandmother and keep a copy for myself. 

Mrs Danet, Suresnes - France

I have received the photo book and I would like to congratulate you for the good job you have done. The book is magnificent and I think I am going to order it for my granddaughter.

Mrs Szelangiewicz, Estrees - France

I am very satisfied with the book I have ordered. I would like to congratulate you on your work.

Mrs Declomesnil, Mezidon-Canon - France

Everyone was amazed by the book and the little boy was delighted! Especially seeing himself in the book. A wonderful surprise. Thank you for your efficiency and speed in correcting my error in the order.

Mrs Chagnot, Pommeuse - France.

I wanted to congratulate you on your site and your products. I have made my first order and have made a little Princess very very happy !
A great success, a great original idea.

Mrs Avril, Pace - France.

Thank you for the speed at which you've produced the book, because it is really very well done.

Mrs Cadelle, Chennevières sur Marne - France.

Guaranteed success with this beautiful idea gift idea… not only was the little girl overjoyed, but also her parents and the guests. I think that you will see an increase in orders in the days to come ! In addition, it arrived on time and I was able to offer the gift on the day. A big Thank You.

Mrs PLASSARD, Lille - France

Firstly, my congratulations on your unique books, it’s a very original gift which has charmed the entire family.

Mrs Ladouani, Paris - France

I have ordered a book for the baptism of my niece, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the paper, the images, the story and the speed of its delivery. You can order on the site with your eyes closed, providing that you provide good quality photos of course.

Mrs Lopez, Paris - France

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