We adore our customers

And every testimonial, smile, laughter and giggle our books bring to children across the world really does fill us with joy.  We are committed to satisfying you and doing our utmost to ensure that every storybook you offer, is a magical and unique experience for the child – this is an essential value at Unique Editions. 

Our international team of women: Stéphanie, Megan, Jessica, Elodie, Celia, Evelyne, Khoa and our entire design team put their hearts into creating your unique storybook.

Providing outstanding books, published in 48 hours and unsurpassed service to our customers - our aim is to support you and make a positive difference in your lives.

Value the family with storybooks that reflect the child’s unique family 

The family provides love, support and a framework of values that is profoundly important to the development of the child. 

Unique Editions creates meaningful personalised family stories, featuring the child, Mum, Dad, brother and sister - celebrating and reinforcing family bonds, bringing siblings closer, and showing little ones how special they are in their family.

Supporting children in need across the world

The Claudine Talon Foundation aims to improve the living conditions of women and children in difficult situations in Benin, West Africa. Its actions have enabled 28 schools to benefit from a connection to water distribution networks for a drinkable water supply, and even to build classrooms for children equipped with furniture. 

Since 2018, working closely with the Claudine Talon Foundation,  Unique Editions has participated in rewarding 100 students with their very own personalised storybook for Christmas.