Since 2007, we’ve been creating uniquely personalised books for children.

Together with a team of women from across the globe, Megan (who has lived in the UK, Germany, China and France) and Stéphanie (from France), created their bestselling personalised family storybook, 'The Little World' in 2007 and continued to expand the range of uniquely personalised storybooks - revolutionizing the world of reading for kids.

Meaningful personalised family storybooks to make a child feel loved

For the first time, these novel children stories featured the child, featuring their unique family with Mum, Dad, brother and sister  – storybooks that reinforce family bonds, bring siblings closer, and show little ones how special they are in their families.  

Personalised storybooks to make a child dream big

For every step of a child’s reading journey, Unique Editions creates customised stories to enhance the imagination, to help a child dream big - allowing children to imagine themselves exploring the unfamiliar and doing the extraordinary, in a safe environment.