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Your child stars with her favourite friend or family member in a personalised story of fairytale enchantment.


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Experience your adventure with your close-one

Personalised books are wonderful gifts to offer your young reader. Now, imagine how much more fun it could be if it is not only your child who stars in the story, but another family member or a close friend as well.
In this way, personalised story books become unique and original gifts, not only for your little hero, but also for your child's favourite companion in the story. Your child can star with her sister, brother, little cousin, closest friend, aunt, grandmother or Dad. This is certainly a unique keepsake capturing an important moment in your child's life, making it the ideal Birthday present, Easter gift, Christmas present, Mother's Day or Father's Day gift.
The personalised story book - The Enchanted Garden by Unique Editions offers the option to personalise your child's story with a close-one. It is the perfect book to discover the wonders of a garden filled with flowers, animals and insects. While your child enjoys her little adventure through the garden, along with her favourite companion, she learns to identify some insects and animals and even learns how to plant flowers. So, not only will your child enjoy her little adventure through the garden, she will also be learning all the way.