Our artists sprinkle personalised flair onto portraits, with sparkling styles for arty tastes.


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Bring art into your child’s life
Unique Editions’ personalised wall art makes the perfect gift while offering mum and dad a conversation tool to begin teaching their kids to value themselves. Childhood is supposed to be magical and the path to that enchantment comes from a lively imagination. Personalised art puts children right in the middle of their fantasies, helping them to take the first step into that creative world that makes childhood so special. As for grandparents, aunts and siblings, our personalised family gifts offer grownups a unique memento that captures both the child and the wonder of his world.

Discover Unique Editions’ range of unique and original portraits. From pop art, aquarelle to delicate paintbrush textures you will definitely find a style that suits your child's unique character.

So decorate your child’s bedroom walls or your baby’s nursery walls with a chic and original portrait and bring art into your child’s life.