Personalised baby books

Offer baby a gorgeously customised book with Dad, Mum, brother and sister. With names and photos, these storybooks are guaranteed to delight.

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Price £18.95
My first moments

My first moments

A charmingly personalised storybook of baby's arrival, with the Mum and Dad.

Price £18.95
The Little World of

The Little World of

A gorgeously family personalised story of a child, Mum and Dad, in everyday life.

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Why a child needs to grow up with love

The most important thing your 1 year old needs, is to grow up with love. Love helps a child to feel secure regardless of his accomplishments. It helps a child feel good about himself, builds confidence and self-esteem, and creates a solid ‘home-base’ so that your baby can safely explore the world – helping children in all aspects of their lives: with the friends, at school, at sport…

How a personalised book can make a child feel loved

A young child is very receptive to the images and stories her parents tell her. A customised story for a 1 year old featuring the names and photos of the family, with Mum, Dad, brother and sister by their side, builds bonds between siblings shows a child how special she is in her family - a unique personalised gift for a one year old that the entire family can enjoy together, and makes a great keepsake to page through for years to come.

It’s never too early to read to your 1 year old.

Make reading part of your child’s daily routine from an early age.. For a young child, reading is about the tone of your voice and cuddling up to Mum and Dad. Reading a bedtime story with parents make a child feel happy, safe and it relaxes them before bedtime. A customised children’s story featuring all the members of the family, is the ideal bedtime story to be read every night with Mum and Dad – a gorgeously personalised gift for a 1 year to celebrate Birthdays, Xmas, Easter, Baptisms and Christenings.